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NINED Digital Technology Co., Ltd., is engaged in virtual reality technology development and application of high-tech company which headquartered in the national central business Tianhe district CBD zhujiang New Town. We are in research, development, production, marketing and operations with 32,000 square meters area of modern production base. There are four major sales subsidiaries in Panyu, Beijing, Jinan and Xian and fully equipped with independent research and development capabilities of VR video content team. Advantage in VR field experience of store construction, operation and commercial VR technology with leading-edge equipment.



We have a top VR research and development center, a VR content studio, a hardware production base and a brand building team and have established partnerships with many domestic and oversea giants in the VR industry, including Intel, NVIDIA, Ubisoft and so on. At present, NINED, as the leader in VR commercial implementation, has distributorship with more than 3,500 VR physical stores in over 108 countries and regions and has created a new "VR x PC" cross-platform model. NINED also has achieved great success in developing VR+ for Rabbids, Journey to the West, The Mermaid, CJ7 and other top-class IP, making it the undisputed dominant player of the offline VR business.

Creating Value for Investors

NINED has distributed VR applications and VR hardware to more than 3,500 VR physical stores in the world, helping more than 30 million people to experience VR technology. With advanced VR technology and intriguing products, NINED assists automobile, education, fire-fighting, travel, medical treatment and other industrial fields to realize VR+ development, and let people to enjoy the new experience of work, life and entertainment that VR brought.

Pushing Industry to Rapidly Develop

Advocating mutual benefits and win-win cooperation, NINED collaborates with international giants, and friends of business, like Intel, NVIDIA, Ubisoft, actively joins many organizations and allies, integrates effective resources, promotes world-wide technology import to improve industry competitive power, expends industry value and establishes professional standard to form a health industrial ecosystem.

Industry-university-research Project Base

Research and development center as platform, project collaboration as bond, talent cultivation as support, NINED starts industry-university-research cooperation with colleges and research institutions, leveraging the strength of each other, to form an advanced system of research-development-manufacture integration, and has made significant progress in promoting commercialization of research outputs.

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2017.10  Supporting the Shanghai AMTS NINED becomes the most shining star.  

2017.07  In collaboration with international gaming giant Yubi, we launched the crazy rabbit VR: crossing the mountains.

2017.03  With top ODT provider KAT, launch the world's first online VR e-sports product V fight.

It has won three awards, such as the "top ten influential VR enterprise brand" in Asia.

2017.02  The total number of vr offline stores has exceeded 3,500.

2016.12  NINED attends the global BBS series of fortune, and talks with the fortune 500 companies.

2016.11  Intel CPU global leader visits to discuss the establishment of a new VR industry standard.

2016.10  Sino-russian mainstream media joint interview NINED.

2016.03  Release mobile vr experience vehicle with Intel. 

2016.02  The "mermaid" VR version of the cinema is released exclusively in nine VR offline stores.

The total number of VR offline stores in nine is more than 2,000.

2015.12  The company has released 20 original VR content.

2015.11  NINED is invited to the IAAPA exhibition in the United States, which has attracted wide attention overseas.

2015.10  The total number of offline stores exceeded 1,000.

2015.07  Guangdong cultural industry fund 10 million investment.

2015.04  NINED participated in the Canton fair and appeared on the front page of guangzhou daily.

2015.03  9DVR, the first vr commercial landing programme, is officially released.

2014.06  Guangzhou NINED Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is incorporated.

Guangzhou NINED Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou NINED Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou NINED Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou NINED Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou NINED Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou NINED Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou NINED Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
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Brands : NINED

No. of Employees : 500~1000

Year Established : 2014

Export p.c : 80% - 90%


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