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Congratulations For the shipping to Australia Perth Shopping Mall

July 26, 2019

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Congratulations For the Shipping to Australia, Perth


On 25th, July, our VR space machine has been packed well and shipped to Australia, Perth.


Virtual reality vr space is based on HTC VIVE integrated operation scheme. When players wear the 360°virtual reality glasses, players will completely immerse himself in virtual reality world, unlock the future of game world.

Simulation Rides HTC VIVE VR Glasses Virtual Reality VR Battle will let you experience VR in a different way, especially in the carefree VR stage. Free cantilevered wire wrap and safe platform guardrail, advanced technology, all offer you extremely fantastic experience.



If you also want to open a VR Virtual Experience Center for Children and Adults 9D VR Game Zone,


Contact us at +86 15989046446 to get a discount,


VR game machine and arcade 9d vr equipment manufacturer can help you easily open a 9D VR Game Zone to be a boss!



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