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August 12, 2019

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Ready to ship to USA--INFINITY 9D VR Pavilion

On 9th, August, VR products including VR PAVILION, 9D VR CINEMA(2 seats) and VR SPACE have been packed well and got ready to ship to USA.



9D VR Experience Pavilion is more and more popular with the public. Lots of 9D VR Experience Stores have been opened in many large shopping mall, shopping centers, cinemas, pedestrian street, tourist attractions in China and abroad. VR products have become one of the most popular indoor entertainment products. At the same time, many investors sniffed business opportunities and joined the growing ranks of 9D VR Experience Pavilion VR games business and want to share 9D VR Experience Pavilion in this billions of market, starting their own business.



BIG SALE in August


VR Motorbike--Click to send inquiry


New!! Coming in September...


VR Space(4 players at the same time for team work to fight with BIG BOSS)



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