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Quality Control

Guangzhou Infinity Technology Co., Ltd. Quality Control

All of VR products from INFINITY needs to pass the basic process: strict control of quality. Generally, after the end of production, Products must be tested well in the factory workshop for six months and then will be sold into domestic market also for six months. After these various test, we will further promote the products to foreign markets. At the same time we monitor the operation of VR machines and provide the best quality technical support and services for our customers, which wins great respect from our clients. 

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  • Guangzhou Infinity Technology Co., Ltd.
    Standard: CE
    Number: BCTC-YLH190600110C
    Issue Date: 2019-08-19
    Expiry Date: 2030-08-20
    Scope/Range: 9D VR Machine,9DVR-1. 9DVR-2,9DVR-3
    Issued By: Shenzhen BCTC Technology Co.,Ltd.
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